Boycotting Israel, and 'Israel as Apartheid':
A list of relevant Beyond Images Briefings

June 2010

Israel faces growing calls for its isolation.  Cultural boycotts.  Trade union boycotts.  Academic boycotts.  And, most damaging of all, a concerted, global campaign to condemn Israel as a pariah, 'apartheid' state.  These attitudes fuel rejectionism and violence, and make peace, a two-state solution, and stable coexistence impossible.  It's no longer possible for Israel supporters - whether from left or right - to hope that this trend will "fade away".  Instead, it is vital to engage. Here are some Beyond Images resources to help in this crucial battle of ideas. 
Briefing 257 - published 8 June 2010
Condemning Israel as an 'Apartheid State':
A response from the JCPA / Robbie Sabel
Briefing 256 - published 8 June 2010
Israel Apartheid Week?
We need a real 'Middle East Apartheid Week'.... by Alan Dershowitz
Briefing 259 - published 15 June 2010
How Israel-Nazi comparisons are false and diminish the Holocaust.... by Irwin Cotler
Briefing 255 - published 31 May 2010
Elvis Costello and cultural boycotts of Israel:
Why he got it wrong, by David Horovitz
Briefing 241 - published 10 May 2009
Israel Apartheid Week on campus:
Critique by Israeli bedouin diplomat
Briefing 222 - 19 October 2008
Israeli Arab rights: facts which refute the 'apartheid' myth
Briefing 219 - 2 August 2008
77% of Israeli Arabs prefer Israel
Briefing 109 - 1 November 2004
The legal rights of Arabs in Israel
Briefing 82 updated on 21 March 2004
Living in Israel or in a Palestinian state: Israeli Arabs express their view
Briefing 53 dated 9 July 2003
Israel as an "apartheid state""? The High Court and leading Israeli Arab Politicians
Briefing 141 - 19 May 2005
Academic cooperation: Joint statement by Hebrew University and Al-Quds University
Briefing 30 - January 2003
Boycotting Israeli academics 
Briefing 140 - 4 May 2005
The 'boycott' of Haifa and Bar-Ilan Universities: Palestinian and US academics condemn move

Here are some examples of Israel's contribution as a global citizen to making the world a better place for all peoples, regardless of colour, race or ethnicity

Briefing 253 - published 4 March 2010
The Haiti earthquake:
Israel's humanitarian relief effort, and responses to its accusers
Briefing 184 - 25 September 2006
Israel's Disaster Relief Efforts:
Examples from Asia, Africa and Central America in 2005-6

Briefing 125 - 3 January 2005
The Indian Ocean 'tsunami': Israeli disaster relief efforts

Briefing 214 - published 11 May 2008
How Israel Makes The World A Better Place
Briefing 204 - 18 October 2007
Israeli doctors treat Iraqi children with heart diseases
Briefing 157 - published 28 September 2005
Israel in the world: Changing lives through innovation