Israel: Making the World a Better Place

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In the midst of conflict, Israelis are striving to make the world a better place. Here are some resources which describe how. For most people around the world, Israel means one thing conflict. But there's another Israel , invisible to the international media, which is making the world a better place right now for millions of people, through its medical breakthroughs, and its humanitarian activities around the world. Please click here to read our review of these activities, published on the occasion of Israel at 60', May 2008.

Israel in the world: changing lives through innovation

by Helen Davis and Douglas Davis

Book filled with breathtaking stories of Israeli medical breakthroughs, humanitarian endeavour, science and hi-tech. Features world-leading life sciences, internet and software companies; but also describes Israeli efforts to help some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world, from water projects in Afghanistan to AIDS relief in Malawi. Published in 2005, successful in the USA , far less well known elsewhere. Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicholson and available from Amazon ( ). For more see Beyond Images Briefing 157 .

Israel21c ( )

Innovative and insightful website describing Israel 's technological and humanitarian achievements, its thriving culture and civil rights initiatives. Israel 21c generates admiration for Israeli scientists, academic research institutions, and its democratic strength and resilience.

Tangible examples of Israel making the world a better place

Descriptions of specific Israeli projects which are improving the lives of human beings: a child heart surgery scheme for Palestinian children at the Wolfson hospital in Israel; Israeli contributions to the worldwide fight against malaria; joint Israeli-Arab medical projects; environmentally friendly agriculture and green technology; healthcare and disease prevention; and cutting edge IT. To view click here: Making the World A Better Place: A Report

Israel's contribution to disaster relief, including the Asian tsunami

For a reminder of how Israel was first on the scene helping survivors of the Asian Tsumani in December 2004, see Beyond Images Briefing 125 . For an insight into Israel 's disaster relief efforts see Beyond Images Briefing 65 .