Beyond Images: some January 2008 feedback

[We have not included the names of the contributors, in the interests of privacy]

“Beyond Images communications are compelling and beautifully produced…..”

- Chemistry professor and well-known letter-writer, UK , January 2008 (email)


“Beyond Images is an excellent resource for the community which ensures accurate information about Israel , capable of reaching the widest possible audience. Its materials, briefings (which we circulate by email regularly in my community) and website are informative, balanced, and highly professional. The team are to be commended for their enlightening presentations, which have attracted broad acclaim. Most of all they should be congratulated for their absolute dedication to Israel 's future, and helping it in its media battle by combating misinformation….”

- Communal Rabbi and leading educator, January 2008


“We are thrilled with the mushrooming success of Beyond Images. Congratulations….”

-Leading adult education team, UK , January 2008


“Beyond Images is a much undervalued community resource that assists on making Israel 's case on difficult issues….”

- Chairman, parliamentary friends lobbying group, January 2008


“We really appreciate the amazing work of Beyond Images…”

- Israeli couple, Jerusalem , January 2008


“Beyond Images is an outstanding site, and your lack of backing by certain governing bodies in Anglo-Jewry is infuriating, even criminal….”

- Israeli writer, Ramat Gan , January 2008


“Thank you for doing this holy and important work….”

- London -based Israeli software analyst, January 2008

“I really really appreciate your Briefings – I use them to write to the press, and for talks I give on Israel …”

- Activist, Israel Peace Forum, Western England , September 2007


“Outstanding website….”

•  US subscriber, August 2007


“Beyond Images is an invaluable countermeasure against some of the distortions published in the press. It sets out facts plainly and without emotion. I post regularly to ‘Comment is Free' in The Guardian and rely extensively on information I have found on Beyond Images….”

- UK user and Guardian reader, April 2007


Our group aims to produce balanced and informative material on Israel for British politicians, and our grass roots members around the country.

Beyond Images has been invaluable to us. The concise, crisp, informative and timely briefings available on the website are an incredibly useful resource. Beyond Images briefings have been incorporated into a number of our briefings and been used in parliamentary debates, parliamentary questions and speeches.

All pro-Israel advocacy groups in the UK , and elsewhere, would strongly benefit from the work of Beyond Images…..”

- Letter from senior researcher, UK education and lobbying group, September 2006


“Beyond Images is outstanding and of great value to me in my hasbara and
media response work… It is a remarkable website…”

- Jewish community leader, Manchester


“Beyond Images is an incredible resource….”

Managing Director of leading media monitoring organisation, USA


“Beyond Images is brilliant…. no histrionics, just coolly presented facts”

- London-based General Practitioner


“…Beyond Images continues to provide outstanding analysis – clear, concise and accessible – on key issues facing Israel….its content is unique”

- Senior lawyer and spokesperson, Israeli Foreign Ministry


“Beyond Images is a fantastic resource….”

Communications director, major UK charity


“Your information is invaluable to me for my articles and talks… keep up your remarkable efforts….”

- Founder of Israeli terror victims’ network, Netanya, Israel


“Your materials are informative and infinitely useful…. I feel far more confident in arguing the case for Israel, especially as I am often put on the spot in my school….”

- 17 year old student at a leading North London public school


“I was thrilled to discover Beyond Images. Its information is just what I was looking for, and it is exactly what we need in our campaigning work….”

- coordinator of Israel educational programme in West of England


“…You are doing a fantastic job levelling the playing field, and supplying the answers we need, clearly, concisely and without apology… Thank you for an exceptional service – unfortunately so vital today….”

- Businessman, Manchester, England


“I am an Indian and a Hindu, and would like to congratulate you on a superb, in-depth and honest website….”

- Subscriber from the Hindu community in the UK


“…. Beyond Images has condensed into a very readable and user-friendly site the issues of greatest importance… I have no doubt that the word will spread… the site is amazing…”

Jewish community leader, South Africa


“Beyond Images is classy, and easy to use….”

- student leader, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


“Beyond Images is very well written, and superbly organised….”

- Leading technology and media lawyer, Herzliya, Israel


“… The Beyond Images concept is concise and well thought out, and I believe it will be a reliable tool for all of us to use…”

- Creator of Finland’s leading Israel information website, Helsinki


“Thank you for the invaluable material…”

- member of the central media response team, Jewish community of South Africa


“Beyond Images is brilliant….”

- Head of European banking desk, major British bank