About Beyond Images
Updated: November 2009

Mission Statement:  The purpose of the Beyond Images Project is to equip Israel advocates with facts, arguments, resources and techniques to advocate for Israel in a pro-active and balanced way.  The Project is independent and run by volunteers. It involves four activities:

  • the Beyond Images information website (www.beyondimages.info)
  • educational seminars
  • activist support and
  • collaboration with other Israel-related projects

The three pillars of our approach:

  • To empower:  We believe in the talent and energy of grassroots pro-Israel communities around the world. We aim to empower committed people to become ambassadors who can make a real difference in Israel’s crucial battle of ideas.  People are Israel’s greatest advocacy asset
  • To educate:  The foundation for advocacy is a solid knowledge of the facts and arguments, and how to ‘package’ them effectively. We educate on how to ‘frame’ Israel’s historic and moral narrative; provide context and informed understanding of Israel’s policies; publish tools to respond to false accusations and half-truths about Israel; and articulate positive messages about Israel’s democratic values in the midst of conflict, and its scientific and humanitarian contribution towards making the world a better place.  We also provide guidance on useful advocacy websites from organisations around the world
  • To engage: Beyond Images promotes values-based advocacy. We don’t view the conflict as ‘us v them’, but argue rationally and humanely for the legitimate rights of all peoples of the region. We don’t demonise Islam or Palestinians, and we urge calm, measured engagement with Israel’s detractors. We encourage advocacy with a positive vision and tone, and highlight the vital importance of engaging in Israel’s battle of ideas in public, not just ‘behind closed doors’