Tools for Engaging in Israel's Global Battle of Ideas

The Hamas-Israel conflict: for reliable news and insight, see Daily Alert
Briefing 212 - July 2014 (first published March 2008)
Israeli attacks, Hamas attacks: Moral equivalence....?
A 'cycle of violence'....?

Briefing 234 - July 2014 (first published January 2009)
The context for the Israel - Hamas war of 2009

Briefing 307 - July 2014 (first published February 2012)
The goals of the Hamas leader in Gaza, 2012:
No Israel. No compromise. No end to "armed resistance"

Briefing 64 - July 2014 (first published February 2007)
The demonisation of Israel

Briefing 246 - July 2014 (first published October 2009)
BBC: Hamas has a 'Right of Reply' under our editorial guidelines
Briefing 298
"Israel's settlements block peace....."

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